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Crystal Heart Acu

Incredible Therapies.  Peaceful Mind.

Supporting your special events and retreats with a unique participant experience.

Unlock the final component for your retreat, gathering, or seminar...

Are you seeking a transformative experience that leaves your participants feeling refreshed, energized, and embraced by a sense of tranquility?


Providing your participants with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will deliver an incredible and calming experience and elevate your event.

I will effectively use your additional space at your event when I bring my treatment table, linens, and supplies. No additional setup is required on your behalf.

TCM treatments are deeply relaxing and invigorating. Your guests will experience newfound energy and clarity, making the most of their time at your retreats and events.

Step into a World of Healing: 

Treatments are meticulously designed to rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Services can be provided for insomnia, digestive issues, injuries, body aches, headaches, and stress relief.


Witness the transformation of your participants as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.


Whether it's relieving chronic pain, banishing stress, or improving overall well-being, TCM's gentle approach brings lasting and meaningful results.

Tailored for Your Retreats and Events 

Treatments are customized to provide harmonious integration with the flow of your retreat. 

You may provide treatments to your participants for the entire day or in convenient blocks.

Calming Service

We are dedicated to creating a seamless experience for you and your participants, curating relaxing experiences that linger long after the sessions end.



Exceptional Acupressure Massage

What better opportunity to experience the meridian system than through acupressure massage. With a range from gentle to strong techniques, provide your clients with exactly what they want.


Gentle Acupuncture Therapy

Could you imagine a more gentle introduction to the world of acupuncture? Your clients will be amazed at how it is possible to feel so good from so little. We use the thinnest needles for those who need them. From a simple stress release to musculoskeletal treatment, acupuncture is incredible!


Sublime Cupping and
Gua Sha

Known more recently as for its benefits to facial rejuvination, gua sha can be used to release tight muscles and promote circulation. The experience of cupping can be described as a 'reverse massage' and is suprisingly relaxing. 

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