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Crystal Heart Acu

My Story of Adventure and Acupuncture...

Dear Friends,

My name is Crystal Gilhooly (she/her), I am the founder of Crystal Heart Acu. I am a Registered Acupuncturist graduating from the Tzu Chi International College for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, BC.


My journey in TCM has been amazing, and I want to share acupuncture, massage and life improving techniques with everyone. My mission is to introduce this wonderful approach everywhere I go. I developed the idea of event-based, on-site treatments for retreats, conferences, and events for this purpose.


My favourite treatment is the very first one! I love to introduce this meridian-based system with a gentle approach built on informed consent. What an opportunity to deliver transformative experiences -- clients leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and empowered!

Since 2020, my family and I have been passionately providing healthcare services at our clinic, Elios Health, located in the vibrant city of Vancouver. My extensive sports background has instilled in me a deep understanding of commitment, quality programming, and the art of delivering an outstanding experience to those in my care.


I have been granted incredible life experiences working in many different locations and with diverse populations. I have experience working, volunteering, and travelling in over 25 countries, and I prepare extensively for each new project. My academic background and research studied humanitarian emergencies and impacts. I am curious about languages, and I can assure you - a smile is the same in every language. 


In my free time, I love to find outdoor adventures that allow me to forge a profound connection with nature. Kayaking, dancing, hiking, climbing and swimming fuel my soul and reinforce my bond with the natural world.

This is why I decided to start Crystal Heart Acu - a project that brings the natural beauty of TCM to your retreat.

Let's enhance people's lives and make a lasting positive impact!

Signed With Love from the Heart,



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